Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you provide furniture assembly services?

    Yes, we offer professional furniture assembly services for various types of furniture.

  • What is a handyman, and what services do they provide?

    A handyman is a skilled professional who offers a wide range of home repair and maintenance services.

  • What are the main services provided by Honey Do's Services?

    Honey Do’s Services specializes in home repair and maintenance services, including exterior repairs, kitchen and bath remodeling, seasonal services, and technology services.

  • Can you help with crack repair in walls or ceilings?

    Absolutely! Our team of experts can effectively repair cracks in walls or ceilings to restore their appearance and structural integrity.

  • Do you offer exterior repair services?

    Yes, we provide comprehensive exterior repair services, including siding repair, window and door replacement, roof repairs, and more.

  • How often should gutter cleaning service be performed?

    Gutter cleaning should typically be done at least twice a year to prevent clogging and water damage.

  • What sets Honey Do's Services apart from other handyman service providers?

    At Honey Do’s Services, we pride ourselves on our professionalism, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

  • Can you tell me more about your technology services?

    Our technology services include various tasks such as TV mounting, smart home device installation, network setup, and more.


  • How can I schedule a service appointment with Honey Do's Services?

    You can easily schedule a service appointment by calling our phone number at (605) 310-4113 or using our online booking system.

  • What are some common home repair services provided by Honey Do's Services?

    We offer a wide range of home repair services, including plumbing repairs, electrical work, painting, flooring installation, and more.

  • Can you assist with gutter installation or replacement?

    Yes, we provide gutter installation and replacement services to ensure proper water drainage and protection for your home.

  • Do you offer emergency home repair services?

    Yes, we understand that emergencies happen, and we provide prompt response and assistance for urgent home repair needs.


  • How can I contact Honey Do's Services for further inquiries?

    You can reach us by calling (605) 310-4113, or you can visit our website and fill out the contact form with your questions or concerns.

  • How do you determine your pricing for home repair services?

    Our pricing is based on various factors, including the scope of the project, materials needed, estimated time, and any additional services required.

  • Can I view a specific category of projects in the gallery?

    Yes, our gallery is organized into different categories, such as kitchen remodels, bathroom renovations, exterior repairs, and more. You can easily navigate to a specific category of interest.