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Jolark Handyman

Why do I do this? The Lord blessed me with a talented pair of hands and a very creative mind. Creativity comes naturally and allows me to be able to come up with some alternative solutions to complicated problems. Visualizing and comprehending what clients are trying to convey is second nature for me. My background is very checkered with different types of technology. Being an owner of an office equipment business taught me the art of sales, communication, scheduling, and follow-through. Sales and communication come naturally and are extremely important to Jolark. One of my pet peeves is people that don’t ever respond or show up after being contacted. Be assured I will do everything possible to keep my clients engaged as much or as little as possible according to their individual needs.

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1983 Ford F350 1 Ton Dully

Classic Truck Guy

Meet the old blue goose. Why do I call her that? Well, she is blue, old, big, and slow like a goose. I have always enjoyed classic cars and trucks. I lean toward Chevys, but when I found this truck and camper at auction, I had to jump. 74000 miles with a 6.9 diesel, no rust, very clean inside and out. She is very reliable, easy on the eye, and just not something you see still in service. She is my delivery and pickup vehicle of choice. And the very best attribute is she is paid for!

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Getting to Know Your Handyman

Why the Name Jolark?

I wanted a name that would be able to morph into whatever the Lord throws at me. When my daughter was smaller, I started building Barbie furniture because I was tired of the cheap stuff sold from China. I sold a few online through Etsy and eBay, then we moved, and I never started the business back up. Sorry for the poor image

Anyway, back to the name. The name is the first two letters in the names of my daughter, wife, and me. Josie, Lana, and I came up with the name when Josie was about 8. I have been holding onto the domain for more than 11 years now, thinking I would start up a new business, and here we are in 2022, looking to build another strong business from nothing.
I am glad you are here, and I look forward to your business and helping us build this brand.

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